Denny’s Careers – Service Assistant

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Job Description:

Maintains entire interior and exterior of restaurant. Busses tables and washes dishes.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Sweeps, scrubs and cleans curbs, building pad and dumpster area.
  • Clears and cleans tables.
  • Adheres to Denny’s Brand Standards and internal policies and procedures.
  • Cleans and organizes back of the house, e.g., sweeps and scrubs floors, removes garbage.
  • Maintains landscape
  • Carries trays of dishes to the dish room and returns clean dishware to service areas.
  • Racks, washes and sanitizes dishes, pots, pans and utensils within prescribed standards for cleanliness and efficiency.
  • Assists other service personnel.
  • Completes deep cleaning duties (scrubs walls, cleans walk-in cooler/freezer, scrubs sidewalk, dumpster area).
  • Stores and rotates stock.
  • Cleans and organizes front of the house, e.g., sweeps, vacuums, removes trash, cleans restrooms and parking lot.

Job Requirements:

  • Must have sufficient mobility to move and/or operate in work area.
  • Must be able to observe wares to ensure health requirements for cleanliness are met.
  • Must work inside and outside.
  • Must meet any state, county or municipal regulation pertaining to health risk concerns about food handling.
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Ability to lift 30lbs required.
  • Team player.
  • Bends, stoops, reaches, wipes and lifts.

Job Details:

Company:  Denny’s

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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