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Privacy Policy for has set some rules and privacy policies to provide proper protection to our regular users. We do not want our site users to stay worried about the issue of any illegal or immoral usage of their “Personally Identifiable Information”. So, we set some rules to provide them better protection.

You are requested to please read the entire terms and conditions as well as privacy policies below that how does collect, use and protect your “Personally Identifiable Information (PII)”

Which kind of information does this site collect from its regular site users?

Whenever any user wishes to register him on our website or likes to give his information from our any online form to us (except company’s profile pages) then we collect his data immediately and try our best to provide him the best of our services. We may ask to provide your email address, name, city name, etc. However, we always deal genuinely with your safety and keep the data confidential.

How do we collect data from the visitors?

We collect data from those visitors who like to subscribe to our daily/weekly/monthly newsletters.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors?

We always use the data for marketing purpose only like sending marketing or promotional emails to the regular site users to aware them regarding our new services and products.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers?

  1. We never ask for any kind of money transaction.
  2. We never ever ask for the credit card numbers.
  3. We do not take any kind of active or passive participation in providing the job, training, recruitment services or any other HR services.
  4. We always keep your information protected through our secured data security systems.
  5. Only certain people in our company have the right to access your data because they are the people who provide your data the complete protection with responsibility.

Do we like to use cookies?

Absolutely, we do like to use cookies because we like to share you the specific and certain information that you mostly like. Cookies are the small files that are transferred via website or service provider to the main computer’s hard drive. This enables us to recognize your browser and save relevant information.

Why do we use cookies on our website?

  1. Cookies help to understand which kinds of advertisements are generally liked by our regular site users.
  2. Cookies help us to understand which kind of content does our customers like on our website.
  3. Cookies help us in understanding the user’s preferences which help our users to find the relevant content on our website in their future visits.

Why will happen if a user disables the cookies on his browser?

Those users who disable the cookies can find some hindrances in visiting the website. Loss of memory will not enable them to see the content according to their preferences.

Third Party Disclosure:

We do not trade, sell or transfer your personal data to any other third party.

Third Party Links: is not responsible for third party links like if you find any link fraudulent, bad, corrupt, passive or incomplete then the third party owner is responsible for it.

Google Conditions:

We share Google Ads on our website but we just mean to share them as a medium of advertisements. We never mean to share, trade, sell or transfer your personal information to Google.

CaIOPPA Policies:

If some users wish to visit our website anonymously then they can do it. We bring a feature on our website named “Privacy”. Moreover this fact, if a company wishes to amend any of the privacy policies then certain changes will automatically be posted on our website.

Does support third-party behavioral tracking on its website?

Yes, it does allow third party behavioral tracking on its website.

Policies for Children Online Privacy Protection Act:

We take such kinds of stuff very seriously. We never intend to market any child’s personal information to anyone. But, it is the duty of the parents to keep an eye on their kids as they should not browse our website because it can give rise to an issue of Child Labor.

Fair Information Practices:

Fair Information Practices works as a backbone in the laws and regulations of the USA. These laws are used worldwide to provide certain data protection to the entire information of the users. We support these regulations and apply them likewise on our website.

CAN-SPAM Policies:

We understand and respect the CAP SPAM policy. We understand that emails should be sent by the acceptance of our regular users only. We always send a link to unsubscribe from our emails which help our visitors to unsubscribe from our newsletters whenever they want.

Update Policy: has all the rights to edit, update, delete or change any of the privacy policies. Changes will be automatically be posted on our website. However, users will not be informed earlier about the changes before posting on our website.


By reading our entire privacy policies and terms and conditions, you are solely responsible for using our website.


You may contact us to get more information about us, our services, products, promotional emails, marketing emails, etc. You can give us your suggestions, feedback, and complaints as well on our contact page.

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