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Job Description:

The newly created Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will have the authority to assess the adequacy of internal controls within the LADWP; determine compliance with contracts, laws, and regulations; provide recommendations when feasible; and to correct or improve the accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of programs. The IG inspects, issues reports, including recommending changes, and follows up to assess and report to the public on its findings. Importantly, when criminal activity is detected by the Security Services – Office of Special Investigations, cases will be referred to the Los Angeles District Attorney or U.S. Attorney.
The purpose of the OIG is to provide the General Manager and the Commission with independent, objective, and useful information regarding the work of the LADWP. The goal of the OIG includes reviewing business practices, procedures, internal controls, and procurement practices and providing recommendations, when feasible, to correct or improve the accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of programs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct and supervise audits, reviews, and analyses relating to the programs, operations, and contracts of the LADWP;
  • Receive and investigate complaints from any source and proactively conduct investigations concerning alleged abuse, fraud, or waste of LADWP resources and/or misconduct by LADWP contractors or personnel;
  • Provide leadership and coordination in recommending policies or remedial actions to correct deficiencies and promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of LADWP programs and operations, including:
  • Identify systemic issues and systemic steps that can be taken to reduce fraudulent, wasteful, or unethical activities and recommend remedies in situations where apparent unethical, wasteful, or fraudulent behavior has been found;
  • Ensure compliance with Los Angeles City Ethics Commission policies and procedures for financial disclosure of personnel involved in procurement or contracting decisions, and develop a system to enhance such policies and procedures where appropriate; and
  • Coordinate with appropriate offices and agencies when criminal behavior is suspected.
  • Provide independent analyses, evaluations and appraisals of LADWP’s performance effectiveness, the accuracy of its information systems, the economic and efficient utilization of its resources, and the adequacy of its internal controls; and
  • Prepare a semi-annual report of investigations, audits, and other Inspector General actions and coordinate with the LADWP’s Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs office to facilitate dissemination, public outreach, and engagement efforts.

Job Requirements:

  • An advisory and consultative approach to investigating and auditing;
  • Demonstrated outstanding communication and people skills;
  • Ability to motivate and persuade employees and others to adopt and accept new systems and business methods while promoting a strong sense of teamwork among subordinate staff;
  • Ability to make sound and well-informed decisions affecting multiple stakeholders;
  • A commitment to action when dealing with pressure and ambiguity of complex and controversial issues and situations;
  • Contribution to the overall good of the organization through effective and timely reporting;
  • Knowledge of California laws, practices, rules, and regulations related to organizational structure and governmental accounting practices;
  • Experience with operational analysis, including modeling, asset management, risk evaluation, and overall assessment; and
  • Experience with preparing and delivering effective presentations in a complex, highly visible, and fast-paced environment.

Job Details:

Company: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

Vacancy Type:  Full Time

Job Location: Los Angeles, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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